Rapid Onset Peripheral Neuropathy in a Patient with Amoebic Liver Abscess on Metronidazole - A Rare Complication

Mohit Gupta, Chandan Kumar, Ujjwal Kumar, Pranay Swarnkar

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Acute Alithiasic Cholecystite, A Rare Complication of Viral Hepatitis A: About the Two Moroccan Children

Ouajid Bakkali, A. Asermouh, F. Benbrahim, N. Elhafidi, C. Mahraoui, S. Benchekroun

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Aetiology, Clinical Profiles, Laboratory Profile, Outcome and Prognostic Factors of Pediatric Acute Liver Failure: Experience at a Tertiary Hospital of Bangladesh

Afsana Yasmin, A. S. M. Bazlul Karim, Md. Rukunuzzaman, Shashi Bhushan Thakur, Luthfun Nahar, Md. Benzamin

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Comparative Study of Percutaneous Catheter Drainage versus Percutaneous Needle Aspiration in Treatment of Medium to Large Size Liver Abscess

Pooja Choudhary, R. S. Raikwar, Abhay Brahmane, Amit Shankhwar

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Mothers’ Perception Analysis on Nutritional Health and Malnutrition among Children under 5 Years in the Niger Delta Region

Denmo O. Otele, Samuel J. Bunu, Elisabeth Edoni

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